Water Treatment for Educational Facilities

Reynolds Culligan knows the importance of water quality at your institution or campus.  Your water directly affects the health, safety, and comfort of all students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

  • Boiler & hot water heater pre-treatment
  • Cooling towers & chillers
  • Food service including beverage & ice filtration
  • Custom learning facilities (i.e. science labs)
  • Water fountain drinking water & Point-of-Use water

educational facility collegeCulligan’s advanced treatment systems are designed to solve your water related issues:

  • Provide you with maximum Return on Investment (ROI) while also providing solutions to enhance sustainability.
  • Save on maintenance costs and manpower
  • Enhance the efficiency of your operation
  • Lengthen the lifespan of your water-using capital assets (cooling towers, chillers, and boilers)
  • Promote a more positive and enjoyable campus life for students, visitors, and staff

Culligan values your facility’s specific needs and does not offer a “cookie-cutter” water treatment system. This customization has led us to develop the innovative modular platform which Reynolds Culligan solutions are based on.  Our tailored systems are engineered to solve your water treatment issues with a sharp focus on budget, timeline and sustainability objectives.

Current Project: Junior High School

This school is on a public water supply with extremely hard water. In a very short period of time, they were experiencing scaling of their boilers and problems with the equipment in their kitchen, so we installed a Culligan CSM Water Softener. The end result? We eliminated the scaling of the boilers, the kitchen equipment is working well, and their dishes are clean once again!

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