Commercial Portable & Skid-Mounted Water Treatment

A skid-mounted water treatment system is a form of mobile water purification system mounted onto metal skids for easy transport and installation. A skid-mounted system is just as effective as a non-mounted system of comparable size, capable of performing reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, membrane distillation, and more with the added benefit of being highly maneuverable. Skid-mounted systems can be custom-made for unique needs, arriving already mounted, pre-piped, pre-tested, and ready to start purifying.

Your on-site staff can perform system monitoring functions, or our team at Reynolds Culligan can monitor the system remotely and inform you of our findings.

Benefits of Skid-Mounted Water Treatment

The most important benefits of skid-mounted water treatment systems mostly revolve around their high versatility and customization.

  • Skid-mounted systems are portable and easy to install and maneuver, granting utilization within a variety of scenarios. The same skid-mounted system can be moved from location to location in one or several facilities, depending on need. Differences in application pressures and water treatment operations require little consideration since skid-mounted water treatment systems can quickly shift between processes. The mobility granted to skid-mounted systems allows them to service countless different applications. When a system finishes serving its original purpose, it can quickly and easily be moved and installed elsewhere.
  • Skid-mounted systems are modular and customizable. They can operate at both high and low pressures without requiring costly accessories. Depending on need, they can effortlessly convert between filtration processes, provide analog or digital readings, and may be customized to handle harsh or corrosive compounds. Compatibility with flow configurations and membrane test cell types is fully customizable thanks to the modular nature of the system.

Skid-Mounted Water Treatment Uses and Applications

Portable & Skid-Mounted

For automatic, reliable operation, skid-mounted systems come with simple, easy-to-install utility connections. Perfect for short-term or temporary use scenarios, skid-mounted water treatment systems are ideal for applications where permanent water treatment is unnecessary or improbable, such as an emergency or a scheduled maintenance outage.

However, skid-mounted systems are useful in cases where a permanent system is unfeasible or inconvenient, such as seasonal applications or facilities with limited space. When water treatment capability is critical to operations, a backup skid-mounted system ensures uninterrupted treatment if something happens with the permanent system or offers extra capacity when treatment volumes are high.

Skid-mounted water treatment systems may be customized and enhanced to serve many applications. They can be modified to process water, wastewater, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and even radioactive waste. The most common processes include:

Skid-Mounted Water Treatment from Reynolds Culligan

Skid-mounted water treatment systems are mobile, customizable water purification systems mounted on metal skids for easy transport and installation. These versatile systems offer an ideal treatment option for applications where permanent systems are not mandatory or where portability is preferred.

At Reynolds Culligan, we manufacture skid-mounted water treatment systems that can be customized or modified to serve any industry. With over 70 years of experience designing, innovating, and manufacturing deionizer systems, water softening systems, skid-mounted water treatment systems, and much more, we are the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier provider of water treatment solutions.

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