Water Treatment System Supplier Near New Jersey

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Water Treatment System Supplier Near New Jersey

Since our beginnings in 1950, Reynolds Culligan Water has become an industry leader in innovative water treatment services and products for commercial and industrial applications. With capabilities ranging from design to installation and after-sales support, we operate in a wide service area, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

Our company specializes in deionization, which is a water treatment method that removes anion and cation mineral salts such as chloride, bromide, iron, copper, and calcium, as well as sodium ions. By offering comprehensive water treatment solutions at competitive prices, our goal is to save our customers both time and resources.

DI Water Supplier in the New Jersey Area

Deionized (DI) water can enhance the efficiency and lifespan of equipment by preventing mineral buildup in appliances and piping. Reynolds Culligan’s deionization systems ensure that companies in New Jersey and neighboring states have quality DI water for their operations. We offer an array of deionized water systems with varying levels of purification to provide solutions for our clients’ unique needs. We also have mobile water purification systems with deionization or reverse osmosis capabilities for the utmost convenience and flexibility.

DI Water Supplier for Industrial Applications

Diverse industries depend on DI water for various applications, and Reynolds Culligan assists its clients in the following industries with customized water treatment solutions:

  • General manufacturing. DI water is useful for waterjet cutting as it enables efficient and accurate cutting without introducing contaminants that may affect the quality of the end product.
  • Glass manufacturing. Resulting in a clean and optically clear surface, DI water has applications in producing glass and e-glass, e-coats, and windshields.
  • Plastic manufacturing. DI water produces the clean steam that presses utilize to generate plastic components and molds.
  • Textiles. DI water is applicable in various production processes in the textiles industry, assisting in delivering a high-quality end product.
  • Truck body work. In cleaning powder coating surfaces, shops can submerge truck parts in DI water to remove contaminants prior to powder coating. This allows for optimal coating adhesion and ensures a durable coating with a smooth finish.

Our Process

At Reynolds Culligan, we start by analyzing your operation and equipment to determine the ideal DI solution for your company and specific application. Our water treatment and purification systems utilize ion exchange technology to remove minerals and contaminants from your water supply. Our products also incorporate ultraviolet (UV) sterilization to eliminate microorganisms in water for industrial applications and ultrapure water systems.

To ensure that you have a readily available supply of purified water, our comprehensive and customizable solutions include:

  • Engineering and system design
  • Equipment and system start-up
  • Service agreements and preventative maintenance contracts
  • Salt delivery with on-call, periodic, or automatic scheduling
  • Media and resin analysis and re-bedding
  • Repair and replacement parts
  • Portable exchange deionization
  • Routine tank exchanges to replace resin
  • Equipment sales, leases, and rentals
  • Chemical treatments
  • Biological sanitization and control

Deionized Water Solutions in and Around New Jersey From Reynolds Culligan

Reynolds Culligan offers high-performance on-site and portable deionization treatment systems for efficient and effective water purification. We combine our expertise and dedication to client satisfaction to guarantee our clients a ready supply of DI water. Our team delivers comprehensive solutions for diverse industries, tailoring our DI systems to fit your particular requirements.

If you’re looking for a DI water supplier near me, Reynolds Culligan offers affordable and reliable DI water solutions in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Contact us to speak with our representatives in the New Jersey area about your water treatment needs, or request a free estimate today to get started.