Water Treatment System Supplier Near Pennsylvania

Reynolds Culligan is a leading commercial and industrial water treatment specialist, providing our customers in Pennsylvania with top-quality water treatment solutions, professional design, and installation services. We specialize in deionization, a water treatment process targeting mineral salt contaminants to remove cations like copper, iron, and calcium and anions like chloride and bromide.

With over 70 years of combined experience, the experts at Reynolds Culligan can provide exceptional service, products, and professional follow-ups at a competitive price point. By providing innovative water treatment solutions, we can help Pennsylvania businesses save valuable time and resources.

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DI Water Supplier Near Pennsylvania

Reynolds Culligan serves businesses in the Pennsylvania area with deionized water (DI) solutions to ensure they have access to high-quality water that meets their operational needs. Utilizing DI water reduces the risk of buildup in pipes and appliances to improve the efficiency and longevity of your equipment.

To ensure we provide a solution that meets your particular requirements, our deionization systems offer varying levels of purification based on the type of resin and deionization process. Our mobile water purification systems purify water using reverse osmosis and deionization for optimal flexibility and convenience for your business.

DI Water Supplier For Industrial Applications

Deionized water systems serve a variety of purposes in a range of industries:

  • Manufacturing. The waterjet cutting process relies on DI water to ensure precise and efficient cutting.
  • Automotive bodywork. Car and truck bodies are often dipped in deionized water before the powder coating process to ensure a smooth and durable finish.
  • Glass manufacturing. DI water is used during the manufacturing process of windshields, e-glass, e-coats, and other glass products to produce a cleaner and clearer surface.
  • Plastics. DI water is often used to generate steam for presses to make molding and other plastic parts.
  • Textiles. Various steps in the textile manufacturing process use DI water to ensure a high-quality end product.

At Reynolds Culligan, we provide tailored deionized water systems to meet the needs of these and various other industries.

Our Process

To help our Pennsylvania customers find the right water treatment system for their application or industry, we begin by conducting a professional analysis. Depending on your needs, we can use ion exchange technology in the water purification process to effectively remove undesired minerals from the water. In addition, we utilize ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers for numerous industrial and ultrapure water systems to make sure the water is free from harmful microorganisms.

We also offer a Portable Exchange Deionization service. This service includes regular tank exchanges when the resin is in need of replacement to ensure our customers have a continuous supply of purified water.

Reynolds Culligan provides comprehensive water treatment solutions that can be completely tailored to fit your facility’s needs. Our extensive list of professional services includes:

  • Biological control and sanitization
  • Engineering and system design
  • Chemical treatment
  • Equipment sales, rental, and leasing
  • Preventative maintenance contracts
  • Portable exchange deionization
  • Repair and replacement parts
  • On-call, periodic, or automatic salt deliver
  • Resin/media analysis and re-bedding
  • Start-up of equipment and systems
  • Service agreements

Deionized Water Solutions in Pennsylvania by Reynolds Culligan

Offering reliable, cost-effective deionized water systems, Reynolds Culligan is a trusted partner for businesses in the Pennsylvania area. We’re committed to providing tailored water treatment solutions that help your business operate efficiently and according to industry standards and regulations.

If your business is located in Pennsylvania and you’re looking for a dependable deionized water system, contact Reynolds Culligan or request a free estimate today. With our expertise, years of experience, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we can find the solution that you need.