Water Treatment for Hospital & Healthcare Facilities

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Water Treatment for Hospital & Healthcare Facilities

Every hospital and healthcare facility requires reliable access to pure water for a wide range of applications. To ensure this, these facilities need top-quality on-site water purification and treatment equipment. Reynolds Culligan understands this and offers water treatment solutions to hospitals and healthcare facilities to meet their demands for high-purity water.

Products & Services

We offer the following water treatment products and services for the healthcare industry:

Custom Hospital Water Treatment Solutions

Top Mount Series Water Softener Systems

If you are in Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, or Maryland, you can count on Reynolds Culligan for comprehensive water treatment solutions. We offer our products and services to the medical and healthcare sectors to address a wide variety of applications, such as:

Facility Monitoring

All healthcare institutions must have constant access to clean water. With on-site monitoring of water treatment and distribution systems, healthcare facilities can reduce downtime and save money. These systems will also require routine maintenance to ensure clean water sources and occupant/patient safety.

Hospital HVAC Water Treatment

A large amount of water is required for hospitals’ HVAC systems; this portion of water usage often exceeds half of total hospital water consumption. Although the water is not utilized for cleaning or drinking, it must meet certain industry standards.

To meet the needs of hospital HVAC applications, Reynolds Culligan has developed specialized water treatments procedures that can:

  • Pretreat water to eliminate minerals or pollutants that could cause boiler and tower blowdown
  • Pretreat water to reduce energy usage and improve system inefficiencies
  • Clean the water to lessen the environmental impact of reintroducing gray water into the water table

Ice Machine Filtration

Ice has multiple uses in healthcare facilities, including consumption, storage, and cooling. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ice machines are a typical breeding ground for legionella and other potentially dangerous germs. It is, therefore, very essential to keep ice purified to prevent contamination of specimens, chemical solutions, medical devices, and more.

Water Filtration for Laundries and Kitchens

Water softening systems provide filtered water that you can use to wash clothing without ruining the fabric or causing scratchy uniforms or scrubs. Water softening also prevents scale building in washing machines and pipes.

Reverse osmosis systems generate clean water for cooking and drinking by removing impurities such as pesticides, nitrates, lead, chlorine, and more. It’s important to note that any water used for washing, cooking, or drinking must be properly treated to reduce the risk of Legionnaires’ disease and other illnesses. One way to safeguard your patients and staff is by establishing an on-site water treatment program.

Advantages of a Water Treatment System for Healthcare Facilities

Water treatment systems offer various benefits for hospitals and healthcare facilities, including:

Scale Prevention

Scale deposits can form on your equipment and distribution system due to the magnesium and calcium salts in untreated water. This scale build-up can negatively affect equipment such as cooling towers, boilers, laundry machines, and more. Our water softening solutions can prevent scale build-up, reducing downtime, equipment maintenance, and premature replacement.


In healthcare and residential settings, laundry service is crucial. To help your business save money on detergent, we can soften and cleanse your water, reducing the amount of detergent your laundry machines need. High-quality water will also result in softer, brighter, and cleaner clothes.


A cutting-edge on-site water treatment system from Reynolds Culligan can provide visitors, staff, and patients with better-tasting water. Quality management is more complicated when water treatment is based far from your facility and distributed through an extensive water system.

Healthcare Water Treatment Solutions from Reynolds Culligan

Whether your facility needs a simple filter or a complex reverse osmosis system, our staff is prepared to help you design and install the ideal water treatment solution for your needs. As the only Mid-Atlantic provider of single-source, complete-technology water treatment platforms, we have the knowledge and skills to ensure your facility complies with the demanding standards and regulations of the healthcare industry.

Culligan Water Treatment for Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

For more information about our healthcare water treatment solutions, contact Reynolds Culligan or request a free estimate today.

Products & Services

We offer the following water treatment products and services for the healthcare industry: