Reynolds Culligan combines application engineering, innovative products, and technical service to lower operating costs and promote positive customer experiences. For any use—from Manufacturing beverages to providing ultrapure water for manufacturing—Culligan’s products provide Industrial customers a full solution that’s also cost-effective.

Culligan knows your specific needs cannot fit under a one size fits all water treatment system. The innovative modular platform of Culligan’s solutions is engineered to solve your water treatment problems within your budget and time requirements.

Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial water treatment plants are built to handle high volumes of water without losing efficacy. Our industrial water treatment systems can treat contaminated water for a wide array of manufacturing and processing applications to ensure the final product falls within acceptable standards before use. Each system can be customized to meet the unique needs of your industrial regulations for purified and recycled water. By treating water on-site, you can realize a wide array of benefits such as greater product control, a smaller footprint, and certainty that you have the right water for the job.

We serve the following markets with industrial water treatment systems:



Manufacturers rely on high-quality water that has been treated to their required specifications for production, chemical processing, cleaning, and more. Treated water results in safer and more consistent products, less wear and tear on processing equipment, and better water conservation.

We offer manufacturers six different water treatment options:

Water softening
Reverse osmosis
Carbon or sediment filtration
UV sterilization

Our team will design the right system for your facility’s needs and deliver it on-site. We provide all of the direct equipment, as well as resins and other treatment media, and we will distribute and deliver new and replacement parts you may need throughout the life of your system. This lowers costs for your business, reduces unscheduled downtimes, and increases overall efficiency.


Energy and Power

Treated water is essential for reducing wear and tear on processing equipment. Mineral, microbial, and chemical contaminants can prematurely corrode and degrade expensive equipment for energy generation, storage, and distribution. Treating and purifying water allows you to reuse it without risking damage to your systems, dispose of it while complying with wastewater regulations, and minimize your facility’s environmental footprint.


Our specialty treatments for the energy and power sector include:

Water pretreatment
Boiler feedwater treatment
Condensate polishing treatment
Cooling tower sidestream treatment
Cooling blowdown treatment
Wastewater treatment

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry, in particular, needs constant access to treated water that meets the industry’s regulatory standards. We can design specific water treatment processes for water used to clean processing equipment, water added directly to food and beverage products, and more. With an on-site series of water treatment systems, your facility can better control product quality, minimize water emissions and equipment breakdowns, and increase your efficiency by recycling and reusing water.

Some of the most effective water treatments for the food and beverage industry include:

UV water treatment
Reverse osmosis

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Organizations in these industries need access to highly purified water from reliable sources.

Our systems can be customized to meet the stringent demands for purified water, highly purified water, and even water for injection so you always have access to appropriately purified and treated water, whether you offer in-person medical care or produce medical and pharmaceutical goods.

Our hospital clients can receive comprehensive HVAC water treatment and ice water treatment, as well as facility monitoring and a complete water management program.


Municipal Water Treatment

Tap water from municipal water systems needs to uphold high standards of cleanliness to comply with regulations and maintain public confidence.

Our large-scale municipal water treating systems are built to ensure water meets or exceeds FDA-established standards for safe drinking water which includes limitations on over 90 contaminants.

Talk to us today about creating a tailored system that can include ultrafiltration, disinfection, sedimentation, disinfection, sterilization, and other processes to remove all of the contaminants described in the FDA water standards based on your area’s unique needs and demand.


Powder Coating

Powder coating is an extremely precise process that consists of coating a surface with a thermoplastic powder, melting it, and letting it cure to achieve a decorative or protective coating.

The surface preparation stage of the process is particularly important because the presence of chemicals, compounds, or solids can adversely impact the quality of the finished coating.

Water treatment systems are imperative in this stage because rinse water is used to remove those unwanted substances from the surface.

Using untreated water can introduce additional compounds or chemicals to the surface, resulting in a defective coating. Water treatment systems guarantee that the rinse water is free of harmful substances.


Wastewater Treatment

Industrial wastewater can host an extensive, and hazardous, array of chemical, biological, and mineral contaminants that make it unfit for disposal in a municipal wastewater system. It also prohibits the water from being reused or recycled.

But industrial wastewater treatment systems are strong and effective and capable of removing dangerous chemicals, contamination, debris, and other materials that make the water unfit for disposal or use.

Our treatment systems are designed to remove the following hazards that may have been used during manufacturing and processing:

Alkaline contaminants

We used a wide array of treatment processes that provide excellent, reliable results.

Commercial Water Treatment

Commercial sites also need clean, safe water that can be used for drinking, maintaining facilities, and providing services. At Reynolds Culligan, we serve businesses and organizations in virtually every commercial sector with customized water treatment systems that allow them to treat and purify drinking water on-site.

Contact our engineering team today if you want a custom solution with water treatment for:

Educational Facilities

There are two core applications for clean water in educational buildings:
Safe drinking water for students, faculty, staff, and visitors
Treated water for HVACs, building processes, cleaning equipment, food preparation, and other auxiliary needs, including:
Foodservice equipment & systems
Cooling towers
Hot water heaters

To ensure both water demands are satisfied by lead-free, regulatory-compliant water, we design school water treatment systems with filters and reverse osmosis membranes, pretreatment systems, and more.


Hospitality and Lodging

Safe, clear water is an essential element of the services offered by hotels, resorts, and other facilities in the hospitality industry.

Visitors rely on clean, properly treated water for:

Swimming Pools
Sanitary living conditions

Our water treatment systems use reverse osmosis and more to pre-treat water, treat it for consumption and non-consumption applications, and more.

This gives your facility constant access to purified water for building cooling towers and HVAC systems, kitchens, laundry machines, swimming pools, and more to protect your brand reputation, provide a comfortable guest experience, and keep your facility compliant with regulatory standards.



Treated water is essential for carwash facilities because untreated water contains minerals, chemicals, and solids that can lead to an inferior clean or even cause abrasions on customers’ vehicles. Properly balancing the minerals in water (especially in regions with hard water) is crucial for leaving cars spotless and without cloudy surface residue.

Our reverse osmosis and water softening systems are designed to neutralize or remove calcium, salts, magnesium, and other dissolved solids, allowing carwashes to provide superior service to their customers.



On-site water treatment stations can treat water to provide safe drinking and to protect the building’s systems from scale buildup. Pipes, appliances, HVAC equipment, and other surfaces that come into contact with hard water are at risk of scale building which causes premature corrosion.

Our water softeners can reduce maintenance demands and malfunctions over the years. Professional water treatment systems can also make water safer for consumption, cleaning, and more.


Grocery Store Chains

Grocery store chains have on-site food preparation, ice-making, and produce misting applications that demand access to purified water fit for consumption, along with drinking fountains available to staff and visitors.

Along with consumed water, grocery stores need on-site availability of softened water without dissolved solids that can corrode equipment, cause scale buildup, or otherwise interfere with the functions of dozens of refrigeration units, pipes, and more.

Treated water can extend the shelf life of your produce, enhance the taste of baked goods, and provide a better customer experience. Reynold Culligan can create a customized water treatment system built for the volume and application demands of your unique store.


Fitness Centers

Today’s fitness centers have more amenities than ever, including showers and saunas, on-site restaurants, drinking and water bottle refilling fountains, swimming pools, and more. Customized water treatment solutions can ensure that the water is free from contaminants that can alter the safety, smell, taste, and appearance of the water.

Not only can your facility benefit from easy access to water that is properly treated for each use case, but your center will save money by treating water on-site instead of relying on third-party water delivery services.


Commercial Offices

A water treatment system from Reynolds Culligan can give each office suite in your building clean, safe drinking water without relying on third-party deliveries.

Properly softened and treated water can also keep equipment running more smoothly, which leads to fewer malfunctions, smaller repair bills over the years, and greater building efficiency.

Bottle-free water coolers also boost your brand’s reputation for environmental friendliness and being a wellness-conscious office.


Recreational, Pool, and Spa

Facilities in this industry use water to provide health services, cosmetic services, drinking water, and more. Your facility faces strict scrutiny regarding sanitation and safety, including when it comes to water quality. Our water treatment systems can soften water to prevent scale buildup, purify the water to remove algae and microbial contaminants, and more.

Choose Industrial or Commercial Water Treatment From Reynolds Culligan

At Reynolds Culligan, we specialize in designing and providing customized water treatment systems that are built for your commercial or industrial facility’s unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities or request an estimate to get started.