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Our History

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Established in 1950, Reynolds Culligan Water began its journey with the mission of providing the Eastern Pennsylvania region with superior water treatment solutions. Today, as a fourth-generation, family-owned Culligan dealer, we continue to be committed to offering premium water treatment services to our valued customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware & Maryland.

Our strategically located offices in Reading, Allentown, and Brodheadsville, coupled with our team of highly experienced professionals, ensure that we can cater to the diverse water treatment needs of our local community with ease. With a combined experience of over 300 years in the industry, our Reynolds water treatment solutions are tailored to address the unique water challenges facing our region, and our skilled team has the knowledge and expertise to provide customized solutions for even the most complex water treatment challenges.

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About Reynolds Culligan

With close to 75 years of being locally owned and operated, Reynolds Culligan Water has developed an in-depth understanding of the unique water challenges facing our region. We are driven by a deep passion to deliver high-quality water to our clients, and with decades of expertise and access to industry-leading equipment, we have established ourselves as the premier commercial and industrial water treatment experts in the area.

At Reynolds Culligan Water, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We take pride in providing unparalleled service to our clients, offering customized solutions to solve their water problems and enhance their processes. Our goal is to improve the lives of our clients, their customers, and the environment one drop at a time.

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Our Products & Services | Industrial & Commercial

Deionizer Systems

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About Us Reynolds Culligan

We offer a range of deionization systems that utilize ion exchange resins to remove charged ions, such as minerals and salts, from water. Some of our deionized water system products include:

  • Culligan Portable Exchange Deionizer (PEDI) Systems
  • Culligan Polyethylene (PE) and Portable Exchange Deionization (PEDI) Stainless Steel Tanks
  • Culligan Premier Series Deionizer Systems

Water Softening Systems

Reynolds Culligan has both single and multi-tank water filters and softeners. Moreover, our water softening systems are carefully designed to provide optimal performance in removing unwanted minerals from your water. With this, you can rest assured our commercial and industrial solutions will solve your unique water treatment problems.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Install reverse osmosis systems and savor the taste of better-quality water straight from the faucet in your facility. The systems can be easily installed under kitchen sinks, giving you quicker access to healthier drinking water. Our purification and treatment systems come in various capacities, from 50 gallons per day to 200 gallons per minute. Our custom design engineering services are tailored to meet all your process requirements.

Water Treatment Services

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As a unique industrial and commercial water treatment services company in the Mid-Atlantic region, Reynolds Culligan offers a complete and integrated water treatment technology platform for a wide range of industries and applications. This enables us to provide a one-stop solution to our clients, saving your business precious resources and time.

Water treatment services are designed to enhance water quality for different industrial and consumer applications, including drinking, irrigation, chemical processing, and recreational water activities. Typically, these services involve reducing or eliminating unwanted contaminants and chemicals, such as microorganisms and minerals.

At Reynolds Culligan, we offer the following water treatment services:

  • Water softening
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Deionization
  • Ultraviolet disinfection
  • Dealkalization
  • Filtration
  • Application Engineering
  • Preventative Maintenance

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If you are looking for reliable water treatment solutions in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and the Mid-Atlantic area, Reynolds Culligan is here to help. As a fourth-generation, family-run Culligan dealer, we offer comprehensive water treatment services to commercial and industrial clients. Our experience in the water treatment industry enables us to serve as a one-stop solution for all your water treatment needs.

To learn more about our unique services, call us at 800-258-4202 or request a quote to get started with your free water analysis. Our experts will work with you to understand your specific water treatment requirements and provide customized solutions.