Water Treatment System Supplier Near Maryland

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Water Treatment System Supplier Near Maryland

At Reynolds Culligan, we are a leading provider of industrial and commercial water treatment solutions, delivering high-quality water treatment products, expert design, and installation services to customers across Maryland. We specialize in deionization, a water treatment process that removes different types of mineral salt contaminants, including cations like iron, copper, calcium, and sodium ions, as well as anions like chloride and bromide.

With over seven decades of collective industry experience, the experts at Reynolds Culligan can deliver exceptional products and professional after-sale services all while maintaining competitive prices. Through our innovative and comprehensive water treatment solutions, we can help businesses all over Maryland save valuable time and resources.

DI Water Supplier Near Maryland

Reynolds Culligan offers deionized (DI) water for businesses in the Maryland area to ensure they have the high-quality water they need for their operations. We offer a wide range of deionization systems that facilities can use to meet their unique deionized water requirements.

The use of DI water not only prevents buildup in appliances and pipes but also enhances the efficiency and longevity of equipment. At Reynolds Culligan, we offer varying levels of purification depending on the resin and the specific type of deionization process to ensure the water meets each business’s particular needs. To ensure flexibility and convenience for our customers, our mobile water purification systems can purify water using both reverse osmosis and deionization.

DI Water Supplier for Industrial Applications

Deionized water systems are critical in various industries, including:

  • General manufacturing. Within the manufacturing industry, DI water is used for processes such as waterjet cutting to ensure precise and efficient cutting operations.
  • Automotive bodyworks. DI water is commonly used for powder coating. Truck and vehicle bodies are dipped into DI water prior to the powder coating process to ensure a smooth, durable finish.
  • Glass manufacturing. DI water is used for everything from general glass manufacturing and windshields to e-glass and e-coats to create a clearer and cleaner surface.
  • Plastics manufacturing. The plastics industry uses DI water to create steam for presses that are used to make molding and plastic parts.
  • Textile manufacturing. DI water is utilized across various stages of the textile manufacturing process to ensure high-quality end products.

The experts at Reynolds Culligan support these and other industries with customized solutions for their water treatment needs.

Our Process

To provide our Maryland customers with the right DI water system, Reynolds Culligan employs a proven process, which entails the following steps:

  1. The process begins with a professional analysis to identify the best solution to meet our customer’s unique application needs.
  2. Reynolds Culligan uses ion exchange technology to remove unwanted minerals and purify the water.
  3. In addition, we use ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers for different types of ultrapure and industrial water systems to eliminate potentially harmful microbes.
  4. We also offer a Portable Exchange Deionization service that involves conducting regular tank exchanges when the resin is in need of replacement to ensure a consistent supply of purified water.

To meet a range of water treatment requirements, we provide comprehensive water treatment solutions that can be tailored to your facility’s needs. These solutions include:

  • Chemical treatment
  • Biological control and sanitization
  • Equipment sales, rental, and leasing
  • Engineering/system design
  • Preventative maintenance contracts
  • Portable exchange deionization
  • Repairs and replacement parts
  • Salt delivery (on-call, periodic, or automatic)
  • Resin and media analysis
  • Re-bedding
  • Service agreements
  • Equipment and system startup

Deionized Water Solutions in Maryland by Reynolds Culligan

At Reynolds Culligan, we offer cost-effective, dependable DI water solutions for businesses across Maryland. We are committed to providing custom-tailored products and services based on our customers’ unique water treatment requirements. If you’re located in the Maryland area and need quality DI water solutions, contact Reynolds Culligan today to benefit from our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction. You can also request a free estimate to get started.