Water Treatment for Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Access to high-quality water is essential for every hospital, healthcare center, and pharmaceutical production facility. Not only does this condition demand access to municipal systems with sufficient supply, but the facility itself needs the resources to also purify and treat its water onsite.

Some applications that require water treatment include:

  • Heating and cooling the facility
  • Meeting hygiene standards for staff, visitors, and patients
  • Processing specimens

Custom Hospital Water Treatment Solutions

At Reynolds Culligan, we specialize in providing complete water treatment solutions tailored to our clients’ needs in the Mid-Atlantic region; Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Maryland. We serve the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries to address a broad spectrum of applications, including:

Facility Monitoring

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities need uninterrupted access to clean water. By maintaining and monitoring the water treatment and distribution system onsite, businesses can address concerns before they disrupt operations, thereby reducing downtime and making the facility more cost-effective. Routine maintenance is also critical for providing clean water sources and keeping occupants safe.

Hospital HVAC Water Treatment

Hospitals need a significant volume of water to supply their HVAC systems—in many cases, over 50% of their overall water usage is spent on climate control. Even though this water is not used for drinking, cleaning, or direct manufacturing, it must comply with industry regulations and maintain safe environmental conditions.

Reynolds Culligan has developed customized hospital HVAC water treatment processes that can:

  • Pretreat water to remove minerals or contaminants that might cause boiler and tower blowdown
  • Pretreat water to reduce overall energy consumption and improve system inefficiency
  • Clean the water to reduce the environmental impact of directing gray water back into the water table

Water Treatment Hospital

Ice Machine Filtration

Healthcare facilities use ice for direct consumption as well as for storage and cooling purposes. Unfortunately, ice machines are some of the most common places for legionella and other hazardous bacteria to develop, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Poorly treated ice can also contaminate medical devices, chemical solutions, and specimens.

Water Management Programs

Water that’s used for drinking, washing, and cooking must be properly treated to minimize the risk of Legionnaires’ disease and other infections. Onsite water treatment programs eliminate pathogens and protect patients and employees.

Water Solutions with Reynolds Culligan for the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Industry

Every occupied building needs access to treated water, but it’s even more essential within the context of the pharmaceutical and medical industries. If your business operates a manufacturing process that involves water packaging, for example, water bacterial endotoxins can contaminate your product and render it unsafe to use. Onsite treatment systems reduce the risk of dangerous microbes like pseudomonas and mycobacterium avium complex.

Medical facilities need three tiers of treated water—purified water, highly purified water, and water for injection—to comply with safety standards and handle various applications. For more information about the importance of purified water in the healthcare industry.

At Reynolds Culligan, our team of water treatment specialists can create a customized, comprehensive water treatment process that allows your facility to treat water onsite to a degree that meets your intended purpose.

Our water treatment processes and equipment provide the following benefits:

  • Uniformity: Our treatment systems use deionization and UV sanitation to purify water and ensure consistent results. This uniformity can be critical for delicate lab work and manufacturing operations.
  • Scale Prevention: Calcium and magnesium salts in untreated water can create scale deposits on your equipment and distribution system. If scale occurs, it negatively affects equipment, including, for example, laundry machines, boilers, cooling towers, and more. Our water softening treatments prevent scale, thereby reducing the need for equipment downtime, repairs, and early replacement.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Laundry is an important consideration for hospitals and residential facilities. Our water treatment processes can soften and treat water so the laundry machines need less detergent, which can save your business money on supplies. The laundry itself will also be softer, brighter, and cleaner if you use high-quality treated water.
  • Taste: Patients, staff, and visitors will enjoy better-tasting water if it’s treated onsite with a state-of-the-art Reynolds Culligan water system. Quality control is more challenging if your water is treated offsite and has to travel through an extensive public water distribution system.

Choose Reynolds Culligan for Comprehensive Water Solutions

Our team is experienced and ready to help your facility design and install a water treatment system that’s safe and cost-effective. As the only company to offer single-source, complete-technology water treatment platforms in the Mid-Atlantic, we will ensure your facility adheres to water regulation standards for the healthcare industry. Contact Reynolds Culligan today to learn more about installing a cutting-edge water treatment system at your facility.

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