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Founded in 1936, Reynolds Culligan has provided industry-leading water treatment solutions for over 85 years. As a fourth-generation, family-owned business, we strive to design and manufacture water treatment equipment that provides better water for businesses, industrial facilities, homes, and offices around the world. Below, you can see the extensive history of our business, starting with where it all began and how it has grown with each generation.

Our founder, Gregg David Reynolds Sr. began looking into starting a new Culligan franchise after having used soft water in his other business.
Gregg purchased the Berks County Culligan franchise in Reading, PA, and officially started the business with his son, Dave (Gregg David Reynolds Jr.).
To address the growing demand for Culligan products, the Reynolds chose to expand into Allentown, PA. They purchased the Allentown location on March 15, 1962.
Gregg Sr. retired in August of 1969. During this time, Dave built and remodeled the Reading location to accommodate a larger office and sales staff. Dave III started working at Culligan part-time to learn more about the business.
Dave became President of WCAI, now known as the WQA.
Hard times hit the Reynolds family when Hurricane Agnes brought large amounts of rain to Berks County. This resulted in the flooding of the Reading office.
Dave III’s sister, Debbie Reynolds McGlynn, started working at Culligan part-time.
Culligan Allentown installed a DI regeneration station.
Third-generation, Dave III, joined Culligan full-time after graduating from the University of Delaware.
Third-generation, Debbie Reynolds, joined Culligan full-time after graduating from Penn State. Due to their mother Pat’s health, Debbie and David became managers of the business so that their father could take care of her.
Dave III became the manager of the Allentown location. He also built and upgraded the DI regeneration station to be able to regenerate 5 times more resin.
Dave III began upgrades to the DI plant to regenerate 14’’ portable tanks and installed an upgraded wastewater treatment system.
After the passing of Pat in 1991, Dave Jr. chose to retire and hand the company over to his children in 1993.
Fourth-generation, Patti McGlynn (Debbie’s daughter) joins the business.
30 years after taking over, David and Debbie have made a great team and hope to keep the business in the family for years to come.

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