Water Treatment Solutions for Educational Facilities

Educational facilities such as libraries, universities, schools, and museums constitute one of the largest sources of water use in commercial and institutional facilities, making up 6% of total use as reported by the EPA. Some of the primary applications for water usage in these institutions include landscaping, cafeteria kitchen processes, heating and cooling systems, and restrooms.

Water treatment systems reduce or remove unwanted chemicals and compounds in water to bring it in line with operation-appropriate standards. As a result, they help improve water quality, protect facility equipment from damage, enhance equipment performance, and increase facility ROI.

At Reynolds Culligan, we specialize in the supply of industrial and commercial water treatment for schools. Our systems find application in a wide range of industrial and commercial facilities, including, but not limited to, educational institutions.

Water Treatment Solutions for Educational Facilities at Reynolds Culligan

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Equipped with over 100 years of combined industry experience, our team is well-aware of how water quality at educational institutions can affect the cleaning and maintenance costs for plumbing, fixtures, and water-using appliances and the comfort, safety, and health of students, faculty, and visitors. That’s why we offer custom water treatment solutions that resolve water quality issues at nearly every area of an educational campus or facility, including:

Pre-Treatment for Hot Water Heaters and Boilers 

Steam and hot water are used in many processes in educational facilities, from food preparation to heated tap water in restrooms. Leaving water untreated can cause harmful buildup in your boiler, heating system, and plumbing system. Implementing a water treatment system prevents corrosion and scale buildup in boilers and heaters, ensuring they run safely and optimally. 

The pre-treatment process consists of the following steps:

  • Filtration
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Deionization
  • Water softening

Chillers and Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are often used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in educational facilities to remove heat from the building to maintain a comfortable temperature for occupants. Corrosion, scale buildup, and microbial growth can develop on the metal surfaces of these systems if untreated water is used. Further, untreated water has the potential to generate harmful bacteria, putting the employees and students at risk.

Cooling tower water treatment includes:

  • Filtration
  • Ion exchange
  • Water softening

Foodservice Areas, Ice & Beverage Machines, Water Fountains, Drinking Water, and More

Water softeners are extremely important in maintaining hygienic food service areas and providing safe drinking water for ice and beverage machines, water fountains, and other drinking water sources in educational facilities. Some of the benefits of installing a water softening system include:

  • Prevention of calcium build-up in pipes, improving water flow and pressure
  • Reduction of mineral stains and odors on plumbing fixtures and washed clothing
  • Prolongs the life of dishwashers, washing machines, and other water-fed equipment

Science Labs and Other Custom Learning Facilities

Laboratories often use Deionized water to conduct experiments. Untreated water contains compounds, chemicals, sediments, and other substances that can produce inaccurate results, voiding the experiment. Incorporating Deionized water treatment systems into laboratories and other special learning environments removes unwanted substances from the water to ensure accurate results.

Key Benefits of Water Treatment Solutions for Educational Facilities

By integrating our advanced custom water treatment systems, educational facility owners and managers benefit in a number of ways, including:

  • Enhanced campus experience: Water treatment systems ensure students, faculty, and visitors access cleaner and better-tasting water.
  • Protected equipment: Water treatment systems eliminate or reduce compounds that can degrade or damage expensive equipment, such as chillers, cooling towers, boilers, and water heaters. As a result, they experience extended service lives.
  • Improved facility ROI: By decreasing the amount of damage experienced by boilers, chillers, cooling towers, water heaters, and other similar equipment, water treatment systems reduce the need for maintenance and repair work and, consequently, the overall maintenance and repair costs.
  • Increased operational efficiency/campus sustainability: Water treatment systems decrease water waste, which increases system efficiency and, consequently, operational sustainability.

Case Study at Junior High School

Junior High School was using municipal water to supply their water-fed systems in the facility. Very quickly they noticed that scale was building up on their boiler systems and their kitchen equipment began malfunctioning. After assessing the problems, our team at Reynolds Culligan installed a Culligan CSM Water Softener. With the scale removal and treated water now in use, they saw rapid improvement and are now able to provide students with clean dishes at lunch!

Superior Water Treatment with Reynolds Culligan

At Reynolds Culligan, we are the only industrial water treatment company in the Mid Atlantic that offers single-source, comprehensive water treatment solutions for any industry or application. Whether your water needs softening, deionization, dealkalization, reverse osmosis, filtration, or ultraviolet disinfection, our teams can assist you in finding the ideal water treatment solution for your facility. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements with one of our experts.

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