Culligan Commercial & Industrial Ultraviolet Water Treatment

Properly disinfect your water with a Culligan Ultraviolet Water System

Reynolds Culligan has sized and applied ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers for a wide variety of industrial and ultrapure water systems along with many other uses and applications. The proper water treatment systems yield better results and save money at the same time!

The following is a list of industries that would benefit from these types of systems:

How does Ultraviolet Water Treatment work?

Bacteria is present in virtually all water systems. The complete and consistent elimination of all bacteria is nearly impossible. However, with the use of UV water sterilization, bacteria can be controlled and reduced to a very low level.

Some types of bacteria are health harmless and create no real issues. There are also some types of bacteria that can cause illness, foul odors, slime build-up and obnoxious tastes to water. In the cases of high purity water and ultrapure systems, in particular, keeping a very low level of bacteria is imperative and often required in order to meet water quality specifications (ASTM, MCCLS, CAAP, AAMI).

In order for a UV system to provide proper performance, there has to be sufficient dosage. The dosage is a function of wavelength, intensity and exposure time. Other considerations such as pre-treatment, flow rates and level of contamination, for instance, are all important in getting the desired results.

With over 100 years of combined industry experience, fair prices and professional service after the sale, you can be confident that we provide exceptional products, service and follow-up.

Every commercial system, whether for a restauranthospitalhotel, or office is unique, so please use the contact form to let us know more about your water needs.

Reynolds Culligan provides:

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Reynolds Culligan is the only industrial water treatment company in the The Mid Atlantic who offers a single-source, comprehensive water treatment technology platform for virtually any industry and application since 1948.

With the support of the entire Culligan International organization and experience in the local market, we have the best solutions to meet your commercial and industrial water needs. Call or fill out the form for a free water system review, quote and analysis.