Commercial Water Testing Services

Commercial Water Testing Services

Water quality and potability are as important in business, commercial, and institutional settings as in private residences. Commercial water testing services can identify and treat potential problems in the water supply quickly and effectively. At Reynolds Culligan, we provide comprehensive water testing and treatment services along with water softening, deionization, and filtering systems. 

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About Commercial Water Testing Services

Water sources in commercial and organizational facilities are used by many people each day, so water quality or potability issues can have a widespread effect. From bad smells, colors, and taste to microorganisms and heavy metal contamination, there are many reasons water quality can suffer. Testing offers a way to identify problems and take corrective steps to ensure water is safe for drinking and general use. 

Periodic water testing is important for several reasons, including:

  • Maintaining regulatory compliance: To remain compliant, testing is often required for organizations that serve the same groups of people for extended periods of time. This includes regular testing of public water systems at schools, office buildings, factories, etc.
  • Assessing water when buying property: When purchasing a new property, particularly facilities with well water or construction prior to 1986 that may contain lead materials, you may need comprehensive water testing. 
  • Risk assessment and mitigation: Tap water analysis and the assessment of wells and piping can identify existing contaminants or potential risks. 
  • Meeting health and safety standards: Regularly testing your facility’s water can help maintain its safety and ensure it smells and tastes great.

Benefits of Comprehensive Water Testing

Commercial water testing works to keep your water safe and pure, with tests such as microbiological and chemical analysis to find contaminants that could compromise water supplies.

Some specific benefits of water testing include:

  • Public health protection: Water testing quickly identifies any bacteria, viruses, parasites, or heavy metal or chemical contaminants that affect the health and safety of employees, students, and customers. 
  • Maintaining safety standard compliance: In addition to federal EPA standards in the Safe Drinking Water Act, your state and locality may set regulations for periodic water testing requirements for commercial sites.
  • Mitigating water contamination: Contaminants can reach your water from wastewater system malfunctions, flooding or sewage backups, agricultural runoff, and industrial waste. Older structures also present contamination risks from aging plumbing and fixtures. Comprehensive water testing can help to identify these contaminants so you can take corrective action.
Commercial Water Testing Services

Our Commercial Water Testing Services

If you’ve asked yourself, “Is there a water testing service near me?” the answer is yes! Reynolds Culligan provides customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland with commercial and industrial water testing. We can identify problems and treatment solutions including systems for water softening, reverse osmosis filtration, deionizing, and dealkalization. A free initial water analysis and consultation is available. 

We also offer commercial testing for total coliform, lead, well water sources, and more. Our analytical laboratory has National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) certification and completes sample testing within 24 hours to five business days. Contact the Culligan lab at 877-889-8195 or reach out to learn more.