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No matter what your Water Problems may be, we can help.

But, first we need to Test your Water…

Why do I need a Water Test?

Being the Culligan Man can be a tricky business…

We encounter water from municipalities, deep wells, shallow wells and a host of other sources.

The water we deal with can contain nitrates, sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, radon, methane, arsenic, several times the EPA limit of Total Dissolved Solids, excessive hardness, low pH, high pH, chlorine, chloramines, organics, iron, and hundreds of other things…

We have hundreds of combinations of water treatment options, filters, feeders, whole house filters, ultraviolet lights, our Sulphur Blaster system and softeners to take care of nearly any problem.

So how do we know what you need at your home or business?

Obviously we have to test your water. That’s the only way we, or any other company, can know what treatment you need. That’s one of the major disadvantages of purchasing water treatment equipment from a reseller, where you can just drive up and pick up your softener or filtration. Purchasing off of the Internet provides the same disadvantage.

But can’t you give me an idea of what I need?

At Reynolds Culligan we have dozens of softener options along with a host of media tank sizes. Depending on the exact hardness and usage of your water we determine the size of softener you will need.

We have encountered customers who purchased equipment from somewhere else where the softener was about ¼ of the size that was actually needed. She was a victim of the softener reseller since she just purchased her unit and never had a water test done.

In a lot of hardware stores on any well or other “problem” water, they recommend the Culligan Man. A Home Depot window salesman once told me the average person spends over $70,000 in their lifetime with Home Depot! So they’ve learned that the last thing they want to do is lose a customer for life. It’s much easier to just recommend the Culligan Man.

Ok, this water test sounds like a good idea, how much is it?

Good question. If you’re on city or well water in one of our local areas (I.e Philadelphia, Allentown Bethlehem Easton, Reading, Lebanon, Harrisburg and nearby areas) the in-home water analysis is FREE.

I know you’re thinking there must be a catch. I would think the same. Obviously we just give you a free water test so we can pressure you into buying something you don’t want, right? Wrong.

Here’s why we have a free analysis. We’ve been around since 1936 and you cannot serve a community for that long unless you take care of your customers. What’s that have to do with a free water test? Well, the reality of the situation is that it’s much cheaper for us to test your water and give you the proper equipment the first time compared to if we had to go back to correct it.

The loss not only in our time and labor, but in goodwill, would far outweigh our costs involved with a water test in your home.

With the Do-It-Yourself mentality in most areas, if we started charging for a water test, we fear that too many people would get caught going with a cheaper solution that doesn’t fully take care of their needs. So take advantage of the free water test before we change our mind and start charging for our expertise.

What about a full laboratory water analysis?

Every once in a while we run into some very aggressive water that requires a more thorough lab water analysis. When that occurs, there will be an additional charge to cover that service but we’ll explain all of your options up-front. Your water will get sent off to Culligan’s water testing facility in Illinois where over 10,000 water samples are tested every year. Culligan will provide us with a detailed, 3-page report of your water and also make available their engineering staff to ensure you are getting the best solution available.

If there’s any other way we can be of service, please let me know.

To the best water for your business,
Ron Reichwein
Sales Manager
Reynolds Culligan

P.S. Before you invest in water treatment for your home or office it’s important to have all the facts. So whether you need a Drinking Water System, Bottle-Free® cooler, Water Softener, Carbon Filter, Whole House Filter, or a solution for your business, take a minute to fill out the contact form in the upper right and your friendly Culligan Man will get in touch.

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