Many types of industrial processes require clean water to assist with cooling, cleaning, sanitizing, and a range of other tasks. To ensure water is consistently clean and ideal for these applications, it must maintain a certain level of purity.

At Reynolds Culligan, we provide water treatment services to help maintain water purity for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. We use our comprehensive water treatment technology platform to provide services for nearly any industry and application, with more than 70 years of experience backing us.

Industries That Use Pure Water

Multiple industries rely on pure water to facilitate certain processes. These industries include:


Manufacturing plants often use large amounts of water to dilute, cool, clean, fabricate, dissolve, and sanitize, all of which are processes that require pure water. 

Normally, water contains a mix of minerals and microbial life, which could pose a risk for equipment along with plant workers and end-users. Through the use of clean water in manufacturing, businesses can benefit from increased growth and a healthier environment.

Energy & Power

Energy and power plants require clear, clean water to facilitate hydroelectric power generation. Under-treated or untreated water could cause damage and erosion to steam generation equipment in these environments. 

Many types of energy and power equipment, including turbines, cooling towers, and boilers, rely on clean water to ensure efficient, reliable system operation.

Food & Beverage

food and beverage industry
Businesses in the food and beverage industry need advanced water treatment and purification methods to adhere to Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) norms. The Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Points (HACCP) and European Environment Committee (EEC) require these companies to meet cGMP norms in accordance with health guidelines.

The food and beverage industry requires ultra pure water to produce uncontaminated foods and beverages, clean and sterilize equipment, and reduce downtime.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

All hospitals, healthcare centers, and pharmaceutical facilities require high-quality, pure water. In addition to needing access to municipal systems with ample water supplies, the facilities themselves require sufficient on-site resources to treat and purify water. Visit our blog for more information about how purified water is used in the healthcare industry.

Educational Facilities

Schools of all types need clean water for everything from drinking fountains to kitchen sinks. Water treatment systems help remove or reduce any chemicals and compounds present in water supplies to ensure they comply with operation-appropriate standards. These systems improve water quality, enhance the performance of equipment, protect equipment from potential damage, and increase the ROI of educational facilities.

Hospitality & Lodging

Hotel rooms use an average of around 200 gallons of water per day. With such large quantities of water used in these facilities, hotels and other businesses in the hospitality industry need to make sure water is safe for consumption and use in pipes, showerheads, and appliances that could otherwise experience wear from pollutants and hard water. 

Municipal Water Treatment

Many homes and industries across the country need municipal water, which travels through a network of underground pipes. Although municipal water isn’t as healthy or clean to consume as filtered and purified water, it still undergoes treatment and processing to ensure it complies with drinking water standards in place under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The water quality of municipal water ultimately needs to be suitable for drinking, bathing, and cooking.

Wastewater Treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment processes help produce clean, reusable water while reducing the production of waste. 

Some of the key benefits of wastewater treatment include:

  • Reduced amount of waste produced and released into the environment
  • Prevention of water loss resulting from water pollution
  • Removal of potentially harmful chemicals

Car Washes

pure water for carwashes
Car wash facilities need pure water during the wash process, but they also rely on clean water to help maintain wash equipment and get the best results from cleaning chemicals. As a result, water quality can significantly affect the customer experience.

Some common concerns regarding water contaminants and overall quality include:

  • pH levels
  • Silica levels
  • Total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • Water hardness resulting from concentrations of calcium, magnesium, iron, or manganese

Powder Coating

This finishing process entails the application of dry thermoplastic or thermoset powder to material surfaces, followed by heating, melting, and drying the powder to provide a long-lasting protective and aesthetic coating.

Many applications use powder coating to finish industrial equipment and tools. Using water treatment systems, powder coating processes benefit from high-quality rinse water devoid of dissolved and undissolved solids from previous coating steps. 

Water Treatment Services from Reynolds Culligan

A wide variety of commercial and industrial applications require consistently pure water for all types of processes. If you need reliable water treatment services, the professionals at Reynolds Culligan offer superior services using the latest technology. 

To get started on water treatment with Reynolds Culligan, get a free estimate today. For any additional questions or concerns, contact us and we’ll connect you with a representative.

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