Water filtration is a critical aspect of many industrial operations. From process water to potable water, Reynolds Culligan’s industrial water filtration systems are engineered to enhance your operational quality and efficiency. To choose the right industrial water filtration system for your needs, it is important to understand what water filtration systems do, their benefits, and the applications for which they are used. 

What is an Industrial Water Filtration System

Industrial water filtration systems are used to remove foreign elements from raw water through a series of different filtration and disinfection processes. Each step of the process is critical for meeting industry standards and government regulations for water quality. Industrial water filtration systems typically incorporate the following processes:

  • Intake. Raw water is pumped into the filtration system using gravity or electrical pumps. The intake uses a grate to keep large objects from entering the system.
  • Clarification. The raw water is subject to a series of chemical treatments that encourage particles and other contaminants to coalesce into larger clumps. The coagulated matter can then be filtered out of the water using filters and screens.
  • Disinfection. Once the water has been clarified, it is treated with chemicals, exposed to UV radiation, and/or filtered through a fine membrane in order to eliminate microscopic contaminants, toxins, and pathogens. 
  • Ion Exchange. The disinfected water passes through a cation resin, which removes calcium and magnesium to soften the water
  • Distribution. Filtered water is recycled back into the system for process uses, released into the environment, or recycled into potable water systems, depending on system requirements and government regulations.

Benefits of Industrial Water Filtration

Industrial water filtration systems offer a number of benefits for commercial, industrial, and municipal operations. Some key benefits of using Reynolds Culligan industrial water filtration systems are:

  • Improved Efficiency. With a quality water filtration system, you can enhance your operation’s speed and efficiency while reducing the need to pump in raw water from outside the facility.
  • Greater Sustainability. Water filtration systems allow you to reuse process water, reducing your overall water usage.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption. Our cutting-edge water filtration technology is extremely energy efficient and can be programmed to operate during off-peak hours to further reduce your energy bill. 
  • Minimal Maintenance Costs. Reynolds Culligan water filtration systems are engineered to be low maintenance, with easy treatment and resin replenishment.
  • Enhanced Safety. A better water filtration system means smoother operations, fewer equipment breakdowns, and reduced risk for environmental contamination.
  • Greater Equipment Service Life. Reynolds Culligan industrial water filtration systems can be integrated seamlessly into your line for quality filtered water that will enhance equipment service life throughout your operation.

Industrial Water Filtration System Types & Applications

Industrial Water Filtration System

Since water filtration is required for a wide variety of industrial operations, it is no surprise that there are a variety of methods and designs to choose from. The most common types of industrial water filtration systems are:

  • Boiler Feed. Designed to protect industrial boilers from scaling, buildup, microbial growth, and other problems caused by poor water quality.
  • Cooling Tower. Water filtration systems protect cooling towers from scaling, buildup, microbial growth, corrosion, and other water quality issues.
  • Raw. Raw industrial water filtration systems treat water pulled from rivers, streams, groundwater, aquifers, and other sources to reduce silicates, calcium, pathogens, and other contaminants present in the water.
  • Wastewater. Industrial treatment is used to remove solid and liquid waste and chemicals from water to meet requirements for reuse or discharge into the environment. 

Applications/ Industries

Industries and applications that use industrial water filtration include: 

  • Food and Beverage
  • Plastics
  • Medical
  • Biotech
  • Chemical Production
  • Automotive
  • Oil/Gas Production
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Electronics

Industrial Water Filtration Systems You Can Rely On

Whether you are in need of medical-grade water filtration for pharmaceutical production or internal process water treatment for your industrial operation, Reynolds Culligan has the perfect system for you. Contact our seasoned experts to inquire about our industrial water filtration products, or request a free estimate today.


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